Brian Ransom's website is about his creations: musical instruments, music, and sound sculptures.  The unique, original artistic sculptures and instruments are made principally in vapor fired ceramics, with additional materials added. You can listen to them in the music recordings.  In the galleries, you can see many of his sounding creations, including percussion, winds, ceramic instruments, and original inventions such as whistling water vessels, resonators, bells, and sound sculptures.




The galleries show many different instruments and sound sculptures. Each one is individually tuned and produces sounds. Featured Works Gallery has more recent creations. Musical Instruments Gallery has pictures of instruments that are used in recordings, or played in an ensemble setting. Sound Sculptures Gallery has examples of wind, water, and electronic creations. Deities of Sound Gallery has figures, which are sound sculptures, that were inspired by dreams. Sonic Installations Gallery shows groups of pieces design for indoor or an outdoor experience.   While exploring the gallery pictures, look for music clips.
  These were recorded on the ceramic instrument in the picture.

Other areas have music, events, and information. Listen to original compositions in theMusic section, which were recorded with ceramic and traditional instruments. Read informational articles, biography, and the artist statement in theInfo area. TheEvents section has upcoming workshops, shows, and concerts.

NOTICE: Materials (pictures, music and articles) in this website are NOT for commercial use.

Enjoy exploring the website.  To contact us, please useContact.


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