Artist Statement

Brian Ransom Artist Statement

All things hollow, or those that are in the form of a vessel, we humans among them, have the capacity to resonate. A resonant sound is produced when sonic waves bombarding off interior walls match peaks and valleys both coming and going.

Resonance has always fascinated me. In creating my sounding ceramic forms, I have formulated a specific clay-body, which yields a surprisingly hollow and haunting voice. All of my pieces are precisely tuned (in both pre and post firing) and, through the movement of air columns, can be highly interactive with audience members and participants.

Yet the metaphorical concept of resonance goes far beyond the realm of sound; in my work, I combine visual, historical, and spiritual resonances as well. I merge research and travel (studying in the Americas, Asia, and Europe) in developing an active dialogue which fuses my investigations into historical content, spiritual approaches to objects and sound, and the technical structures that I employ.. with the creation of new, original ceramic sounding sculptures.