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(Tiffany Willey '07, untitled mixed media painting.)

Ceramics Visual Arts at Eckerd College

Eckerd College is a liberial arts college located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Brian Ransom is a professor of Visual Arts, and he has been at Eckerd since 1996, teaching courses in ceramics, sculpture, studio critique, interdisciplinary arts, and others.

Interdisciplinary Arts at Eckerd College

The Interdisciplinary Arts major at Eckerd College was established in 2006 to satisfy the ambitions of arts students with varied interests and talents, who would seek to creatively integrate such interests. An Interdisciplinary Arts (IA) major therefore should be decidedly motivated, under the guidance of an IA mentor, to construct a unique program of sixteen courses derived from two or more arts disciplines (from among Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Theatre, and Music) designed to suit the needs and goals of the individual student. Possibilities also exist for incorporating within an individual's program courses from outside the arts.